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We take time to understand your business and the detail of what you set out to do everyday, but without exception we start with the customer and what it feels like to buy your products or experience your offer.
Our aim is to give you constructive, usable and realistic feedback that helps your operation to improve.

Simon Merchant and Scott Mallin from Interdigitate
Simon Merchant from Interdigitate

Simon Merchant

Director, Commercial Partners

Simon leads our commercial partnership offer, working closely with businesses across the private sector to develop new customer service solutions.

Talk to Simon about addressing unwanted symptoms of operational delivery, such as a rise in complaints, high staff turnover, struggling to meet new demand, rising costs and quality failures.  You could be in fast moving consumer goods, traditional manufacturing, the service sector, customer-facing, B2G or B2B.

Specialisms: Managing change, coaching, leadership development, customer service transformation, project delivery, process mapping, event facilitation, customer service training, strategic thinking, supplier management, service solution specification design.

or call Simon on 07586 345 567

Scott Mallin

Director, Public Services

Scott heads up our public service offer, developing our NHS, public service, not-for-profit and third sector offers.

Talk to Scott about front of house NHS Primary Care solutions including, Sentiers navigation tool, navigation skills training and getting the best out of your patient access solutions (phone, email, SMS, online consultation).  You can also talk to him about becoming more effective in the public sector, third sector and community interest arena.

Specialisms: Data-led insight, telephony, omni/multi-channel communication, strategic planning, project management, resource planning, demand and capacity modelling, performance management, reporting, customer service, process improvement.

or call Scott on 07590 608 890

Scott Mallin from Interdigitate

We look forward to working with you!

Testimonial 1

Having worked with Simon previously on projects for our business, it was an easy choice to make, to ask for his support in our latest project.

Testimonial 9

You’ve transformed the team, it’s been absolutely brilliant!

Testimonial 3

Your methodical and efficient approach to the brief paved the way to making some really positive changes to our customers’ end-to-end ordering experience.

Testimonial 6

I would highly recommend Interdigitate to any customer service business.

Testimonial 2

A pleasure to work with, Simon and Scott quickly understood the aims of our current project within overall business context, have made strong and realistic recommendations and built excellent relationships with key stakeholders involved making them instantly feel part of our team.

Testimonial 4

Their excellent knowledge, communication and engagement has enabled us to improve the efficiency and consistency of the staff within our Practice, helping us to improve the care we offer of our service users.

Testimonial 7

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Interdigitate to anyone needing support with business transformation projects.

Testimonial 8

Scott and Simon know what is needed and will help you all the way to achieve this.

Testimonial 5

The pace at which you work and adaptability to different changing environments is commendable.