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We can help you
get better at
what you do

Interdigitate’s solutions are based on the delivery of outstanding levels of customer or patient service in a cost effective way, reflecting the culture of your business.

Interdigitate operation transformation

ways of working

We work with your team to understand what you do, looking at the symptoms of your current situation and developing an action plan to make transformation happen. We make sure you have the right resources in the right place to respond to demand.

Customer journey

It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if the customer service reality doesn’t match the rhetoric or if something in your operation lets you down, you are going to need to work twice as hard as you ever planned to. We can fix that.

Interdigitate customer journey
Simon Merchant from Interdigitate talking to a customer about Sentiers

Navigation and

We empower your team to provide consistent and effective patient pathways which make the most of the full healthcare provision and reduce the burden on GPs.

Business insight

We can help you find meaning in and increase your
understanding of a situation, offering a deeper insight
into the major mechanics related to your organisation.

Scott Mallin and Simon Merchant from Interdigitate


We focus on the humans that make your organisation work.