Fentimans Case Study: From Process Optimisation to the Launch of a New CRM – a multi-disciplinary assignment

Interdigitate has been proud to work with Fentimans, the producer of botanical drinks based in Hexham, Northumberland. We were welcomed into the heart of the business and asked to support and deliver a range of optimisation initiatives.

The partnership began in August 2019 with a detailed understanding of how Fentimans served their customers each day. We mapped and optimised processes, finding simple fixes and new ways of working that allowed the Customer Services Team to become more efficient – to do more, to concentrate on the value-add activity and to make the case for cost-reducing investments. We cleared process blockages and eased the pressure on pinch points, whilst coaching the team towards an outcomes-based approach.

Within a few months, the reach of the relationship extended into the wider business, allowing us to support organisational restructuring in the Supply Chain, Marketing and Sales. Working closely with the senior leadership team, Interdigitate helped Fentimans to design their new team, before supporting them through consultation and the launch of their new organisation. At a senior level, our relationship was based on a Challenge to Improve approach to ensure a sustainable outcome was achieved. When it came to consultation, the focus was People First, recognising that change can be tough at a personal level.

Proving that we will turn our hand to all value-add activity, Interdigitate was asked to review and improve a range of cost centre and departmental liabilities too. These included quality management system enhancements, mobile telephone contracts, fleet management, social media policies and product and supply chain non-conformances. In all cases, the overarching strategy was the same – what have you got and how do we get you to where do you need to be? Recognising that the skills lie with the experts, facilitating change was about working closely with a highly talented team to enable and effect positive change.

New leadership coaching and development became an integral part of the Fentimans relationship, proving that people can usually see what needs to happen but need the skills and empowerment to deploy change

“This will be a great legacy piece of work for Fentimens and a significant reference point for Interdigitate for the future
Many thanks for all that you do for us all
@ Fentimans”

Peter Saul, Supplly Chain Director, on the completion of the CRM project.

We were proud to be trusted to lead one of Fentimans’ most prestigious projects when we were asked to help source and project manage a CRM SaaS application that was fit for the future. At a time when Covid-19’s impact was being felt in unimaginable ways, it became a sleeves-rolled-up delivery that included specification design, developer partnership working, testing and deployment. With bespoke automated customer business plans, integrated onboarding processes and route-cause complaint management, we delivered a Salesforce solution that added value beyond the original plans, and which became a mechanism for continuous improvement.

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